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Community Corner – Striking Poses and Spinning Threads

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Published on: July 12, 2014

Here is a letter penned and posted to Crow’s Nest Community on June 28, with word about the upcoming programs “Immersion to Shamanic Life and Practice“, fondly called the Intensive by Nesters. What does community planning look like at Crow’s Nest Center USA? There is truth in a picture of pen and paper wielded by eager, innovative minds. But eight of us began in early[...]

Jung and shamanism look inside

Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue now available as ebook

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Published on: January 31, 2014

JUNG AND SHAMANISM IN DIALOGUE is now available as a KINDLE-AMAZON ebook. You can read it for free on the Kindle Library, or download it for $9.95 on Amazon at a fraction of the paperback cost.


Sacred Tree of Dreaming

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Published on: November 23, 2013

    We all need a point of departure and return to embark upon our journeys into the other dimensions of being. If we want to actively enter into the Dreamtime, we need a portal of entry, and there can be many such doors, from your dream images, to vivid memories of magic places we experienced in nature, stories that had amazing trees in them,[...]

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Community Corner – “Survey Says….”

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Published on: October 17, 2013

What is community at Crow’s Nest? A circle embracing us upon the first visit and each return. A connection across geography and time zones. A commitment to compassion through challenge. Ultimately, though, from where this Nester stands, our community is a living bond nurtured by balanced care. Elaborating a tree metaphor offered by Founder C. Michael Smith, I visualize this balance as roots to earth,[...]

Mikkal Cogolin,France 2011 113

Weaving the Traditions

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Published on: October 17, 2013

Nature is an incomparable guide if you know how to follow her. She is like the needle of a compass pointing to the north… -C. G. Jung We can enter into the secrets of Mother Nature [Pachamama], and we can be sons and daughters, apprentices to the Wisdom of Mother Earth [Ashpamama]. -don Alverto Taxo At our recent Crows Nest Workshop of Shamanic Dreaming, I laid out the[...]

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