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A One Day Shamanic Drumming Workshop, April 29th 2017

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Published on: March 29, 2017

In this workshop we are setting aside a day just for shamanic drum journeying, as a community. There will be no workshop fee for this day. We will offer both basic and advance journey themes, so that new people are invited to come and experience Crows Nest, and those who are experienced can refresh and further develop their journey skills.  The journeys will be placed[…]

Jung and Amazonian Shamanism in Synthesis 2016

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Published on: November 4, 2015

  JUNG AND AMAZONIAN SHAMANISM IN SYNTHESIS: An Intensive Retreat Interfacing the Power and Wisdom of Jungian Psychology With AYAHUASCA Ceremonies. Dates:  March 13-20, 2016 Location: Iquitos, Peru KM 15. Lodging and ceremonies at Ayahuasca Medicine House, in the North Amazon Jungle. “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul. One[…]

“Depression, Alcoholism, and Ayahuasca” : Story of Healing by Erica Baran Fasano

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Published on: April 12, 2015

The power of age-old entheogenic medicines ceremonies to facilitate deep healing of addictions, traumatic stress, depression is increasingly being confirmed. It gives me great pleasure to share this deep and moving story of Erica Baran Fasano, and her finding profound healing  for her addiction, and suicidal depression through ayahuasca.   -Mikkal   “Depression. Alcoholism. And, Ayahuasca.” -Erica Baran Fasano     I’ve decided to write my[…]


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Published on: April 9, 2015

    PSYCHOSHAMANISM AND TRAUMA The shamanic image here is of a shamanic power animal finding and retrieving a lost part, usually referred to in the shamanic idiom as a “lost soul.” The Bear clasps the child part closely, safely, and lovingly as it returns. As such, the Bear-spirit is highly aligned with the True Self of the traumatized, previously exiled part. In this blog we shall[…]

Creativity and Healing

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Published on: February 17, 2015

Creativity and Healing: Some Jungian and Shamanic Perspectives C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. © 2015   “Art is the proper task of life.” -Friedrich Nietzche          If you live from the heart, you will continually dip into the immensely creative Dreaming Field, and from it live an inspired and creative life, one that contributes depth of beauty to your own soul, and to[…]

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