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Here is a list of services Mikkal offers. Please contact us for additional information, and scheduling. Individual Mentoring Consultations (Fire Talks) – Mikkal draws on his decades of Jungian psychotherapy and shamanic counseling to assist you in clarifying your life- calling and heart-path, and for personal empowerment and removing of obstacles that suppress it.This is really about living and inspired and creative life, in which[…]

DOCTORING THE SOUL: Jungian and Shamanic Perspectives

DOCTORING THE SOUL: Jungian and Shamanic Perspectives Saturday December 2, 2017 In this workshop we will receive an introduction to active imagination and the classic shamanic journey, their similarities and important differences. We will lay the foundation with basic shamanic journeywork, for the more advanced soul healing and soul recovery methods to be taught during the course of this 2 year series.  This day long workshop[…]


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Published on: February 1, 2017

Where: A Crows Nest USA

When: February 17-19, 2017

Time: 6pm Friday through 3pm Sunday

Cost: $300 | $250 Early Bird when paid in full by Feb 10th Click here to register and pay

In this time of political and social upheaval, with fear and discouragement on the rise, we need visionary healers and visionary leaders to inspire us with principles and skill sets that engender hope, and empower us to make creative changes in ourselves and in our communities.. In this workshop Mikkal will explore with you the principles of psychoshamanic visionary potentiality, with special focus on the psychoshamanic visionary healer and leader. This is a practical model for accessing your visionary potential and developing related skill-sets.. We will especially the “5-Es” of how to Envision as a regular practice, and to Embody, Empower, Evaluate, and Encourage. We will also present a new experiential practice for teaching yourselves and your clients to do Shamanic Self-Metaprogramming, a powerful technique to find your self-limiting patterns and re-program.

Robert Wagner, our Sacred Fire Chief will be running a medicine sweat on Friday evening, and sharing a new story he has created, aiming at helping us heal from, and respond resourcefully to the current political crisis.

Susan Pound will lead us in a psychoshamanic practice of Dreaming for Someone else, beginning with the sharing of a short dream-story “The Tempest in a Teacup.”

This is an exciting kind of practice involving group and dyad participation.

Sacred Breathwork is also planned, on session on Saturday evening, and one on Sunday morning.

*Please note: Upon registration a welcome letter will be sent to you which will provide additional information. 

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