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Here is a list of services Mikkal offers. Please contact us for additional information, and scheduling. Individual Consultations (Fire Talks) – Mikkal draws on his decades of Jungian psychotherapy and shamanic counseling to assist you in clarifying your life-path, and for personal empowerment and removing of obstacles that suppress it. These sessions are also good for apprenticeship and shamanic skills development, for psycho-spiritual emergency management,[…]

A One Day Shamanic Drumming Workshop, April 29th 2017

In this workshop we are setting aside a day just for shamanic drum journeying, as a community. There will be no workshop fee for this day. We will offer both basic and advance journey themes, so that new people are invited to come and experience Crows Nest, and those who are experienced can refresh and further develop their journey skills.  The journeys will be placed[…]

Psychoshamanic Intensive July 14-18, 2016

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Published on: June 14, 2016

psychoshamanic intensive

A 5-Day Psychoshamanic Summer Intensive at Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies, USA.

In this powerful intensive we will focus on the foundations of psychoshamanic practice, drawing on the resources of Jung’s life and work, and indigenous shamanic wisdom, from North America, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. A special emphasis will be I on the active use of sacred resources in healing and transformational work.  

The learning modules will be deeply experiential, involving elements of curanderismo, the Toltec mind management ceremony of Recapitualtion, a way redemption of lost or suppressed parts of yourself due to painful life circumstances, and we will employ shamanic journeying and the powerful ceremony of sacred breathwork to assist us. It will be “learn by doing,” or rather, “learning the wounded-healer initiation.” The daily sacred breathwork ceremonies, and supportive community will insure it will be a deeply healing and initiatory process. The Toltec Recapitulation process will offer a useful  psychoshamanic method for those doing psychoshamanic client work, as well as bring itself a powerful personal tool for healing and liberating yourself.

This Intensive is foundational for those interested in professional counseling or psychoshamanic life-coaching work, as well as meeting some requirements for those interested in sacred breathwork certification.

Dates and Time: Thursday July 14, 6pm through Monday July-18, 5pm

Where: Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies, USA

Cost: $475 |$425 (Early Bird price until June 24th)

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Upon registration you will receive a welcome letter which has address information along with additional information to help plan your stay.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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