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Here is a list of services Mikkal offers. Please contact us for additional information, and scheduling. Individual Consultations (Fire Talks) – Mikkal draws on his decades of Jungian psychotherapy and shamanic counseling to assist you in clarifying your life-path, and for personal empowerment and removing of obstacles that suppress it. These sessions are also good for apprenticeship and shamanic skills development, for psycho-spiritual emergency management,[…]

July 13 – 16 (4 Day Intensive): Wounded Healer School and Sacred Breathwork

July 13 – 16 (4 Day Intensive): Wounded Healer School and Sacred Breathwork Wounded Healer School is guided by this paradoxical principle. “If you want to be a Healer, heal yourself. If you want to be healed, become a Healer.” This annual four day intensive will allow a deep initiation into the work of the Wounded Healer. It begins on Thursday evening with n opening circle[…]

USA Workshop Schedule


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USA Workshop Series 


New 2-Year Certificate Program

Whether you want to explore and learn more about shamanic healing and heart-path, or develop advanced powerful professional tools for your work as a healer, shamanic counselor, artist, musician or coach, this comprehensive program comes with a rich experiential curricula, a great community, and natural settings of incredible power and beauty.

In this workshop series you will receive an overview of the field and cartography of psychoshamanism and the medicine of the heart, and learn valuable tools for walking your heart-path and fully expressing Your Own Archetype in Life. You will discover how to apply what you have learned on yourself to others through your professional work, and receive guidance on how to get it out there.

You will learn how to help your client even when your mind has no idea what to do, by using your NGS/Dream Tracking capacity. You will learn to dip into the dreaming field for guidance and insight, how to grow and develop your imagination and capacities for intuitive feeling. You will learn the art of Dream Tracking, and through experiential training, learn how to develop your “sympathetic imagination’ so you can easily enter the dreamscapes and realities of your clients.

Special focus will be placed on how to apply what you have learned to client situations, whether direct, or through Skyping and other media platforms for your professional practice. You will learn how to make rapid assessments of any problem with your own NGS/Dream Tracker, and how to ask laser-like Core Questions that open up the heart and soul of your client. You will learn all this on your self and in dyadic situations in the workshop. You will learn how to listen incredible deeply to the background of experience, to what happening beyond words that are spoken, including the odd feelings and out-of-phase phenomena you feel as your client speaks. You will learn to track the energy of thick words and how to burrow deeply into them, and how to help anyone find their own essential nature and reason for being here.

You will learn ways of tracking your client’s shifts and progress, ways of working with defenses and all kinds of soul injuries, including soul loss, possession states, spiritual emergencies, and know when to refer for help from other professionals.

You will learn how to work with emergencies and confusion springing from entheogenistic experiences, a phenomenon on the rise, and you will learn to be a guide and resource for such individuals in integration and implementation of their experiences. 


Those Who Complete the Workshop Series, including 2 Summer 5-Intensives, will receive a certificate in Psychoshamanism and Medicine of the Heart. Those who have the Certificate in Shamanic Counseling or Sacred Breathwork, will receive an Psychoshamanism- Master level certificate. Certification requires attendance or make up (10 sessions total) and applying what you learn in your own life and your professional field. If you participate in our Peruvian Amazon workshops, you receive credit for 2 workshops.


2017 Workshop Schedule:


April 29: A One Day Shamanic Drumming Workshop

June 2 – 4: Psychoshamanism: The Tao of You & Living Your Archetype

In this workshop we will draw on the ancient Taoist-shamanic  conceptions of energy movement and polarity, moving with process,  and how this relates to the inner Tao of You, or Your Own Archetype,  the role all of this plays in destiny and fate, in purpose and playful absorption in the moment. The importance of these principles being employed and embodied in psychoshamanic practices will be the central thrust of this workshop.

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July 13 – 16 (4 Day Intensive): Wounded Healer School and Sacred Breathwork

Wounded Healer School is guided by this paradoxical principle. “If you want to be a Healer, heal yourself. If you want to be healed, become a Healer.” This annual four day intensive will allow a deeper initiation into the work of the Wounded Healer. There will be a total of 4 Sacred Breathwork Ceremonies, with special teaching and breakout sessions. The intensive workshop is the last in the introductory series on PSYCHOSHAMANISM AND THE MEDICINE OF THE HEART. In the teaching portions of this four day intensive, we will review and highlight all the main teachings of the series, and give participants opportunity to practice some psychoshamanic coaching skills in experiential dyads. This workshop is also good back ground for the new series beginning in September 2017 on DOcTORING THE SOUL: A COURSE ON METHODS OF SOUL RECOVERY, DE-POSSESSION, EXTRACTION, AND PURGATION.

September 8 – 10 : INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW SERIES ON PSYCHOSHAMANIC SOUL DOCTORING. A two year series on method of soul recovery, de-possession, extraction, and purgation and purification, with Mikkal.

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October 20 – 22: TBA

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Fall 2015 / 2016 Workshop Schedule:

October 2-4, 2015: 

Introduction to Psychoshamanism and the Medicine of the Heart. Developing your Capacity to Feel and Your Dream Tracker. Basic Core Questions and Shamanic Counseling Listening Skills. $300 | Early bird $250 when paid in full by Sept 11th 

November 6-8, 2015:

What is the Archetype of You and Its Relationship to the Four Acts of Power for embodying it. A New practice: How to Find and Track Your Archetype with Core Questions and the Heart’s NGS/Dream Tracker. Relationship of Your Archetype to Sacred Breathwork™. Sacred Breathwork™ Ceremony will be offered.$300 | Early bird $250 when paid in full by Oct 16th 

January 22-24, 2016

Shamanic Client Work. The Use of  Shamanic Dreaming, Shamanic Journeys, along with Your Dream Tracker. How to open virtually any dream. Indigenous insights into dream work. Feeling the Dreaming Field in a session with a client, and knowing how to share it helpfully with the client. How to assess your progress. $300 | Early bird $250 when paid in full by Jan 8th 

March 13-20, 2016 (Iquitos, Peru –optional track)

Jung and Amazonian Shamanism in Synthesis. A seven day intensive workshop and retreat in the Peruvian Amazon. We will be in the jungle working with a curandero and curandera. We not only experience the plant teacher medicine, we learn how to help any future clients learn to integrate and implement it, and handle any emergency situations that arise.

May 13-15, 2016:  

Psychoshamanism. This is the next step of instruction on the Psychoshamanism series, which is the model of Curanderismo as a template for psychoshamanic coaching and healing for apprentices

July 14-18, 2016: 

5-Day Intensive in Psychoshamanism (Crows Nest, MI) In this powerful intensive we will focus on the foundations of psychoshamanic practice, drawing on the resources of Jung’s life and work, and indigenous shamanic wisdom, from North America, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. A special emphasis will be I on the active use of sacred resources in healing and transformational work.

September 23- 25 2016:

CURANDERISMO MODEL and MULTIDIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSHAMANIC ASSESSMENT AND HEALING This workshop on Psychoshamanism will go more deeply into curanderismo as a rich framework for enriching and understanding psychoshamanic counseling and practice. 

November 4 – 6, 2016: The Archetypal Shadow & Shamanism

In this workshop you will receive an overview of the major Jungian archetypes of individuation and healing, and then discover the major role of the shadow as a gateway to all other archetypes. You will receive to forms of the Smokey Mirror technique for your own journaling experience to explore your own shadow, and you will have opportunities to explore it in a new Dream Theatre journey designed and led by Susan Pound to focus on your own Shadow, and you will also have opportunities to explore it the sacred breathwork, with two extended sessions led by Nicholas Brabhan and myself.  

Note: If a workshop is missed, it can be made up through a 90 minute Fire Talk with Mikkal on location at Crows Nest or via Skype. The Fee is $200.00 each made up session.

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