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Here is a list of services Mikkal offers. Please contact us for additional information, and scheduling. Individual Mentoring Consultations (Fire Talks) – Mikkal draws on his decades of Jungian psychotherapy and shamanic counseling to assist you in clarifying your life- calling and heart-path, and for personal empowerment and removing of obstacles that suppress it.This is really about living and inspired and creative life, in which[…]

DOCTORING THE SOUL: Jungian and Shamanic Perspectives

DOCTORING THE SOUL: Jungian and Shamanic Perspectives Saturday January 27, 2018 In this workshop we will build on active imagination as the classic shamanic journey, and upon the Four Foundational Archetypes of the Sacred Circle  (Lover Within, Shaman Within, Warrior Within, and Elder Within as forms of soul development  experientially apply it to soul doctoring of our clients, and introduce applications in shamanic energy medicine. These[…]

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USA Workshop Series 


DOCTORING THE SOUL: Jungian and Shamanic Perspectives on Diagnosis and Healing of Soul

Classic Shamanic Soul Recovery & Extraction, Jungian methods of Soul Recovery and Inner Parts work, De-possession work, Trauma Healing through Psychoshamanic Ritual. Ethics and guiding principles.

In this series I will be presenting material from a lifetime of experience as a doctor of soul.

Jung liked the term “soul doctoring” as a description for his own style of work. It is a broader concept than soul retrieval and extraction. Initially we will use Jung’s clinical work as a psychoshamanic framework for the series, and as a way to discuss what we are doing in modern therapeutic terms when needed. We explore Jung’s correlation with the Archetypal World and the collective unconscious, with the “spirit world” or Dreamtime of the shaman’s cosmos. We will be using of lot of shamanic journeying and active dreaming in the series to navigate the deep psyche and the archetypal world, learning modern as well as very ancient skill-sets in soul doctoring.

In this certificate series students can select the specialty within soul doctoring they want to focus on. Some will be learning the classic shamanic method of soul recovery and extraction, some will be more interested in areas related to counseling or psychotherapy such as coaching, counseling, or psychotherapy. Each student will pick a focus according to their specialty and readiness. However, there will be a very substantial amount of shamanic journey work and active dream-work in this series.

We will also cover ethical issues and safety principles for soul doctoring work, and also developing client and dyadic skills for processing, holding space, and helping clients integrate material. We will also familiarize ourselves with a depth psychological framework for those who will, in the future be involved with soul recovery, extraction and other forms of soul doctoring associated with shamanic plant ceremonies.

The first workshop will be in a weekend retreat format. It will be introductory. Subsequent workshops in the Fall of 2017, late winter will be one day workshops, each very focused on a specific issue and skill set. The Spring workshops will be weekend retreats, and the Summer Intensive will be a 5-day event.


Event dates for Fall 2017

September 8-10, From 6pm Friday, to 3pm Sunday. Weekend Event: Tuition$275.00

October 21: 9AM-4:PM Tuition: $125.00

December 2, 2017 9:AM -4:PM Tuition:$125.00


Winter/ SPRING/SUMMER 2018

January 27, 2018 9:AM-4:PM  Tuition $125.00

March 2-4, 2018. 6:pm Friday, -3pm Sunday. Tuition   $250.00

MAY 13-17, 2018 6:PM FRIDAY-3PM SUNDAY. TUITION $250.00

JULY 13-17, 2018 Soul Doctoring & Sacred Breathwork Intensive:  $550.00

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What to bring: For one day events. Bring a journey mat, your drum, rattle, crystal, eye-cover, and your messa. Light bag lunches are recommended For weekend workshops we pitch-in with food and cooking as needed, and as announced and coordinated for that specific workshop.

Where: Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies, Dowagiac, MI 49047

Note: If a workshop is missed, it can be made up through a 90 minute Fire Talk with Mikkal on location at Crows Nest or via Skype. The Fee is $200.00 each made up session.

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